Success Stories

  • Before

    Age 27

    LOST 50 LBS., & 10 INCHES OFF HER WAISTwith Pocket Protein


    Carley Harwood

    Colombus, Ohio

    "Thanks to Pocket Protein, I have lost weight and feel great!"

  • Before

    Age 39

    Went from 175lbs to 149lbs with Pocket Protein


    Carlton Anderson

    Philadelphia, PA

    "Pocket Protein has changed my life and why? Because it's easy, convenient, and it's for everyone. The taste alone is worth having."

  • Before


    LOST 15 LBSwith Pocket Protein


    Sarah Stern

    Palm Beach, Florida

    "I love, love, love this product"

  • Before

    Age 34

    down 50lbs in ONE YEAR with Pocket Protein



    Castle Rock, CO

    "I love Pocket Protein because it's a convenient way for me to fill that hunger void when I'm trying to lose weight. It gives me the natural boost of energy to work out and helps my body recover. The best part is that I know I'm getting the protein I need without sugars, carbs or fat"

  • Before

    Age 23

    down 8lbs in 2 weekswith Pocket Protein


    Jessica McCain

    Fayetteville, NC

    "I incorporated Pocket Protein into my routine and I am down 8lb in two weeks. It's safe to say I am obsessed and keep it everywhere because it's so portable and delicious!"

  • Before

    Age 28

    Lost 25 Lbs & retained all his musclewith Pocket Protein


    Ronnie Magro

    Bronx, NY

    “Thanks to Mark Long for creating Pocket Protein... It’s helping me get back to the body I’m meant to have.”

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